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The SVD OTP/CTP Program


OTP/CTP Programs

Since 2015, we have been trying to get updated OTP/CTP programs from the Provinces, Regions, and Missions (PRMs). PRMs that have confirmed that they have a program in place have submitted current or revised programs. OTP/CTP Program Directors or contacts are also listed.

PRMs that are not listed here, but have a program in place, should kindly send a copy of the program and the OTP/CTP Director’s contact information to formation@svdcuria.org so that we can keep this page updated. Also, any time there is a change of personnel and a different person becomes the director/contact for OTP/CTP, kindly send that information as well.

Note especially that Indonesia, Vietnam, and India all have possibilities for receiving formandi for OTP. Because these countries have difficulties in receiving missionaries from other countries, it is highly encouraged to consider going for OTP in these places in order to help internationalize these PRMs.

The norms for OTP/CTP in the Handbook for Superiors were revised in 2015. This section integrated all previous material concerning OTP/CTP, so that it is now all in one document. Please consult the revised section C20 of the Handbook for the current guidelines.

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