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SVD-Curia is the official website of the Divine Word Missionaries. Please find below detailed information about the website. Some areas may require a username and password. Only SVD members may use the provided form to request membership.

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  • About the Site
    • Website created and monitored by the SVD Curia, Roma,
    • to enhance communication among members of the Society,
    • and to share with friends and sympathizers worldwide
    • about ourselves and about our ministries.
  • Terms of Use
    • All are welcome to the public area of the website.
    • Access to the members' area is granted upon request.
    • Information made available to you in the members' area
    • may not be circulated outside the SVD.
  • Disclaimer [See full version]
    • The SVD Curia in Rome is not directly responsible
    • for the contents of the web pages it hosts,
    • nor for those of the websites it recommends.
    • Please address your questions and comments to their authors.
  • Members' Access