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September 12

Armed robbers attack Regional House in Mananjary, Madagascar

Three robbers broke into our Regional House in Madagascar at 8.45 p.m. on 12 September, brutally attached and wounded Fr. Alexander Dhae, the Regional Superior of Madagascar and Fr. Borice Randrianirina, and fled away with valuables.

Narrating the traumatic ordeal, Frs. Alex and Borice said to Fr. Budi Kleden, Superior General through a WhatsApp video this morning that the three assailants first attacked the security man and tied him up. While one assailant was keeping watch at the gate, the other two first entered Borice’s room, ordered him to hand over his money and other valuables. When Borice resisted, the two attackers punched him hard, stuffed his mouth and bound his legs with an electric wire.

Leaving Borice bleeding, the robbers then rushed to Fr. Alex's room. They knocked at his door. Not knowing the awaiting attackers, Alex opened the door thinking that it was one of the confreres. The robbers barged into his room, hit him on his head and ordered him to surrender all his money and other valuables. When Alex tried to resist, they hit him with machetes and cut his fingers.

While the robbers were busy looting Alex's room, Borice managed to break open the electric wire with which they had tied him, sneaked out by another door and started shouting for help. Hearing this, the robbers fled away with the stolen goods: a mobile phone, a camera and with over one thousand euros.

The two confreres and the security guard suffered several cuts on their faces and fingers in the attack. However, severely wounded and traumatized by the incident, Alex and Borice could gather strength to drive to the bishop house, from where our confrere Adam reached them to the hospital. The police, who arrived late at the venue, is investigating the case. No arrests have been made so far. Alex said, “It is strange that the robbers knew the place well and knew where to enter and get out.” He suspects that someone who has a good knowledge about the Regional House might be behind the attack.

Though the two wounded confreres and their security guard are still in a state of shock, they are out of danger. They need to continue the treatment and undergo psychological therapy. We keep them in our prayers.

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