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Easter 2022

Easter Message of Fr. Paulus Budi Kleden

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Dear Confreres, Sisters, Lay Mission Partners, Benefactors, Relatives, and Friends,

Easter, as the most important feast of the Church, proclaims the fundamental message of Christianity: that God is love, he is God of life who gives us life and calls us to promote it. This is not an idealistic, abstract kind of life that cannot be experienced in this world. On the contrary, the life created and saved by the Lord is real-life, the life that we live day by day, with a lot of difficulties and problems, but not without hope and the experiences of transformation.

Easter enlightens us to have a better look at our reality. Certainly, our life is not only dark and full of desperation. Easter proclaims to us that our Lord has the power to always show a way out, a new path, and a different route; that a new reality is not a myth, but it does exist. With the Risen Lord, we can pass over from darkness to light, from tomb to resurrection, from death to life. However, we have to walk this path, accepting everything that life brings for us, without denying and rejecting the shadow/uncertain side of our reality.

I would like to underline three fundamental Easter elements for our life. The first is trust: trust in the Lord and in those who are entrusted with the responsibility to guide his people. As our Creator, He has given us life and he knows our weaknesses and vulnerability. This trust is the fundament of our hope in the Lord.

The second element is perseverance. The story of Exodus of the Israelites is the symbol of Easter. Exodus is the story and history of the perseverance of the Lord and of his people. “The Promised Land” cannot be reached just in one day; to live in freedom and fraternity requires a lot of patience. To overcome a period of crisis, be it personal or global, such as this Pandemic, we need to persevere. Perseverance makes us grow in faith and in human virtues; it helps us recognize our strengths and weaknesses.

The third is compassion. Easter manifests the solidarity, compassion, and participation of the Lord in our human reality. From this solidarity, we see the light of hope and we experience overflowing compassion that impels us to participate in the life of Jesus. We are called and empowered to imitate his compassion in our lives, to share this experience with others, especially with people who are victims of natural disasters, conflicts, and wars like the war in Ukraine.

Let us pray that the celebration of Easter makes us grow in trust, perseverance, and compassion.

I wish you all a Happy Easter!

P. Budi Kleden, SVD
Superior General