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In the 17th general chapter, we focused on our intercultural life and mission leading us to formulate Congregational Directions which are to give us orientations, ways and targets of our missionary life and activities. Every PRM was asked to choose its priorities among the ad extra Congregational Directions according to their local contexts and work on their missionary activities, and to draw up a concrete plan. Throughout the last six years, we have been concentrating on these Congregational Directions, giving more stress to the chosen priorities of ad extra and the five ad intra aspects, and finding ways our Society could be more relevant and effective in the contemporary world. During these years, every PRM continued its missionary activities with this focus along with what they have been doing traditionally, but the stress was on living and doing everything in the light of the challenging and nourishing dimension of interculturality.

We have sailed through safely, especially keeping our intercultural life and mission with much more intensity and witness value; thus other congregations are looking towards our growth in intercultural life and mission. That is leading us to discern: where are we now and what does God want us to do now? To discern where we are now, we need to go to our roots – the love of God, the Word of God, the Founders’ lives, the Society’s charism, etc. To discern what God want us to do now leads to more spiritual renewal and commitment. In this renewal process, we are challenged to transform ourselves, to become a “new person”, to change our attitudes and habits, etc. Transformation needs to be seen, affects our way of life and mission and directs us to be more focused on contemporary concerns. Transformation involves risks, but produces more fruits; the results are to respond to the people’s needs. Thus, the theme of the 18th general chapter is:

“The Love of Christ Impels us” (2 Cor 5:14): Rooted in the Word, Committed to His Mission.

Source: Province Reports 2018 - Presentation