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Canonization Ceremony - October 5th, 2003

Photos and video clips from the canonization ceremony, October 5th, 3003. Click the thumbnail to display the full-size photo or play the video clip. (Photos 1-13 by Zbigniew Toczek, SVD; photos 14-15 by Heinz Helf, SVD)

See Also: Canonization Portrait Paintings by Giorgio Scarato - 2003*



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Cardinal José Saraiva Martins, CMF, Prefect of the Congregation of the Cause of Saints, accompanied by the Postulators, asks the Holy Father to canonize the three Blessed: Daniele Comboni, Arnold Janssen and Josef Freinademetz. 1-2 El Cardenal José Saraiva Martins, CMF, Prefeco de la Congregación para las Causas de los Santos, acompañado por los Postuladores, pidea al Santo Padre que canonice a los tres beatos: Daniele Comboni, Arnold Janssen and Josef Freinademetz.
The relics of the three new saints are presented to the Pope and placed near the altar. 3-4-5 Algunos fieles presentan las reliquias de los tres nuevos santos al Santo Padre y las colocan junto al altar.
Faithfull from different countries and continents join in procession to bring the book of the Gospels to the lectern. They carry flowers, incense and a thriple umbrella (from Indonesia) as sign of veneration. 6-7 Fieles de diferentes países y continentes acompañan al libro de los Evangelios. Llevan incienso, flores y un parasol triple (de Indonesia) como signo de veneración.
While presenting the offers to the altar, a group of Sudanese faithful dance to the rythm of a Sudanese song in Arab language. 10 Durante la rpesentación de las ofrendas, un grupo de fieles sudaneses danza al ritmo de un canto sudanés en lengua árabe.
After the Doxology (at the end of the Eucharistic Prayer), a group of Indian women present their homage to the Eucharist with the "Arati" dance, offering incense and flowers. 12-13 Después de la Doxología (al final de la Oración Eucarística) un grupo de mujeres de la India homenajea la Eucaristía con el "Arati", una danza India en que se ofrece incienso y pétalos de flores.
View of St. Peter's square. 14-15 Vista de la Plaza San Pedro.